Who is BotSpiel Software Inc. and what do you do?

BotSpiel Software Inc. is a Vancouver-based bot/AI software company. BotSpiel, helps you to serve and communicate with a targeted community such as your leads, customers, employees and suppliers. We deliver our software as

  • a fully managed service
  • a cloud-based instance managed by you
  • on-premises software on your server infrastructure
Using one of these options we can tailor a solution that can meet any privacy and security requirements that you may have.

Ada Mak

What can a BotSpiel AI do for me?

A bot is often thought of as a pop-up on a marketing website or different forms of process automation. BotSpiel AIs can perform these functions, but we think of a BotSpiel AI as an integrated part of your organization that

  • amplifies people's effectiveness
  • acts as a custodian of knowledge and skills
  • harvests and responds to the needs and interests of its target community
  • acts as a builder of its target community
You can think of a BotSpiel AI as a Siri/Alexa, Wikipedia and WALL-E combined that is specific to you or your company. The AI can either have a fictional persona or function as an avatar of a specific person.

Why should I use BotSpiel AIs?

BotSpiel AIs function "out of the box" and are immediately ready for you to start adding content specific to your company. Our AIs are easy to train and content can be "crowd-sourced" from the community it will be serving. In this way it is possible to distribute training to employees that are knowledgeable on the different aspects of your company.

BotSpiel uses state-of-the-art Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning technologies and only uses tier 1 cloud computing providers.

What does the BotSpiel software do?

BotSpiel has four logical layers. These are:

  • The channels that people can access to converse with the AI. Web chat, SMS and email are standard channels. Other chat platforms such as Teams, Telegram and Facebook messenger can be added as required.
  • A web application that allows you to define, configure and track all aspects of the AI's knowledge, personality, skills and the community it serves.
  • A Natural Language Processing layer that contains all the pre-trained models required for the different aspects of NLP. These models can be fine-tuned to include the particular aspects of your domain if needed.
  • A web application that allows you to extend the skills of a particular AI to include tailored structured dialogs as well as functional areas specific to a particular domain.

BotSpiel consists of five summary processes. These are:

  • Define AI - allows you to maintain placeholders, key messages and questions that the AI will use when it initiates conversations with the community as well as the utterance/response pairs that define the knowledge and skills specific to you.
  • Configure AI - allows you to influence the AI behavior through configuration settings. This includes the ability to define script-based tasks and responses that may require accessing local and remote data sources such as databases and REST services. You can also configure periodic or event-driven general automation tasks using scripting languages such as SQL, Python and PowerShell.
  • Define Target - allows you to segment your target community into interest groups or segments. You can then define grouped communications or "conversation waves" where the AI reaches out to the community with people specific communications that start new conversations or continues existing ones.
  • Manage Community - allows you and the AI to maintain user-defined characteristics and identifiers associated with people and companies in the community. The AI uses the characteristics to be more person-specific in its communications and responses. This can be done manually, by the AI or sourced from CRM, HR or other systems.
  • Manage Conversations - allows to you to track the conversations that the AI are having. You can discover and learn what is of interest to the community which helps with guiding your efforts to update the knowledge and skills of the AI.

How do I implement BotSpiel?

The effort associated with implementing BotSpiel will vary based on the needs of the specific community that it serves. This may vary from simple unstructured exchanges to complex process driven exchanges.

The implementation tasks may contain a mix of the following activities:

  • Gather utterance and response pairs that define the AI's knowledge and personality
  • Define target segments and key messaging specific to a segment
  • Establish AI email and SMS accounts and configure the channels
  • Establish AI additional custom-channels and configure the channels
  • Configure script-based skills and placeholders as required
  • Configure script-based process automation as required
  • Maintain matching-based rules as required
  • Train models as required
  • Build skills (sub)bot(s) as required
  • Add web channel to marketing or other web sites if desired

How do I contact you if I am interested in your services?

  • Chat to Ada
  • Email Ada at Ada Mak
  • Visit Us at - 566 Artisan Lane, Bowen Island BC V0N 1G2 Canada